We become what we behold


We become what we behold Game

In we become what we behold is an interactive game that is only about observation between a population which consists only of circles, squares, and crickets. It is a game where peace does not exist, love is infuriating and crickets are just crickets. This game includes very nice artwork and soothing sound effects. It is a silly 5-minute observe and click game about news cycles, heinous cycles, and infinite cycles. Wait until you find something uncommon which see on your screen and capture the moment and then amplify it on the media, so more viewers see it. This increases tension between circles and squares, causing it to create a cycle of anger and hatred. Which quickly roll out between the population, which ultimately pushes it towards a barbaric climax.

How to play We become what we behold unblocked game?

In we become what we behold unblocked game has some simple rules that there are no rules. You just need to grab your mouse or use your finger to move the camera to capture a moment. Simply observe your screen and click to capture something uncommon between the population. Click infuriating moments which increases hatred and anger between circles and squares. And your task is to simply wipe out the whole population to win the game. and here we publish more interesting games like bad ice cream game and Hex puzzle and much more games.

Developer, Platforms, Publisher

Publisher: Mismatch Studio
Developers: Nicky Case (Originally), Mismatch Studio
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, macOS
Genres: Indie game, Casual game

We become what we behold Gameplay: