Hex puzzle


About Hex puzzle game

Hex puzzle unblocked is a mind-changing and a very unique game. It provides us with very colorful graphics. You are given different colored hexagons with a dark black background which enhances their colors even more. This game has very simple rules, and there is no problem with colors because you just need to create rows either vertical, horizontal, or diagonal. The number of pieces also doesn’t matter as long as you are filling up the entire section  inside the larger hexagon. The bigger you eliminate a row, the more points you will get, and your points are shown on the top of your screen. And a fun fact you that have to play inside a larger hexagon. You don’t need to worry about the shape of the pieces you are provided with because as long as the rows disappear, the other pieces remain and might block other pieces to be placed on board. Enjoy the game and find out that can you beat the highest score in the whole game

How to play?

To play this puzzle game, you simply have to grab your mouse or use your finger to drag the pieces onto the board. Your task is to build a row of hexagons that will automatically disappear, so you can continue playing. Each piece has its shape so you should be careful before putting it or else it will cause you to lose. At the end of each round, you'll see your final score, home button, and option to play again. You can hit the pause button any time soon if you think you are about to lose the game, so it can save some of your time to play the game even more. at you can play more puzzle games.

Hex puzzle info.

nitial release date: 2015
Publisher: FRVR
Developer: Chris Benjaminsen
Genre: Tile-matching video game
Platforms: Web browser, Android, iOS

Hex puzzle Gameplay: